Is this really interior design?  Unfortunately in the minds of a majority of the public yes.  But don’t get me wrong. Interior decoration  is a noble and creative endeavor. My concern is that most of the decorators posing as interior designers do not know the difference. Hence the stereotype goes on and on and on.  Unfortunately interior decoration is an occupation  that is completely beholden to fashion and aesthetics. Most decorators thrive on the cycle of fashion trends….economic disparity and environmental impact be damned.  If they were not able to exercise their innate skills at self promotion to sell the privileged on the next hot trend then they might have to find another career.  One that actually matters.  I understand that a large part of our society depends on the cycle of fashion and it’s inherent obscolescence. Disposable fashion and the marketing thereof is quite an economic engine.  I do however admire those decorators that espouse creations that are “timeless and classic”. There are even decorators that create interiors that are sympathetic with, and actually enhance, the architecture. Those designers, whose work straddles the semantic fence between interior decoration and interior design usually go about their highly refined business very quietly and very respectfully.  Those are the decorator/designers that I would consider graduates of the old school of interior design and they do deserve their place in the pantheon of great and admired design professionals.  Many of them were pioneers that pushed the evolution of the profession. They have my utmost respect and yes they are “interior designers”.


But the profession has changed.  It is much less about decoration and much more about actually improving peoples lives and livelihoods.  It is very concerned with the depletion of resources caused by the construction and related design industries,  not to mention the mindless need to surround ourselves with unneccesary objects just to provide some hollow sense of satisfaction, or comfort. There is a chasm of difference between making people feel comfy, cozy or glamorous vs. creating functional, healthy and safe interior environments that actually improve the welfare of the users while respecting the limits of the environment and the context of the space.  Making them feel comfy or glamorous is a bonus.

Q. Hey did you hear about the interior decorator that went out of business after his first project?

A. Yeah his style was classically timeless minimalism.

 There is a place for interior decoration in this world and it would be hyper arrogant of me to deny them that place. But to continue to claim that your over decorated boudoir is an example of the latest “interior design” trend just rubs me the wrong way. Albeit very softly given the 400 thread count egyptian cotton sheets you’re selling there!

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