If you are wondering what all the fuss is about and you are unaware that the profession of Interior Design is under attack then I suggest that you read the following.

This is the anti-regulation case;

The pro-regulation case;

These documents represent the two sides of the issue as well as any.  However, if you are so inclined, there are numerous additional diatribes, reports, websites, counters to the counter, op-ed pieces and of course mindless rants on blogs that espouse the virtues and merits of both sides.

This is what this mindless rant is about.

The decorators want unencumbered access to the domain of interior design. The certified/qualified interior designers continue to seek government sanctioned regulation to exclude those that claim an inalienable right to the domain. It is a classic battle of style over substance, of creative talent over technical knowledge, of art over science and of government regulation over the regulation of the government. An incredible amount of financial and intellectual capital is at stake. Unfortunately the profession is blissfully unaware of the drama unfolding around them.

Maybe losing 35 + years of effort invested by an awful lot of well-meaning interior designers and having their hard-earned professional status stripped from them will wake them up.   

Stay tuned.

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