To quote from the article;  

“This is my livelihood,” Inman said. “I’ve earned the right to be called an interior designer. Others should be able to do the same.”


Isn’t that the problem Mr. Inman? Others DO want to call themselves interior designers. Unfortunately your idea of “interior designer” is far different than the majority of the American public and it certainly is in conflict with those who claim a birthright to the profession that you “earned” status in. Unfortunately the 20 +/- title acts in place are all subtly different and equally confusing as to what an “interior designer” is. No wonder there is so much misunderstanding. 

Bottom line is you cannot retroactively claim ownership of the title because you believe that you earned it. It just does not work that way.  No wonder the decorators are pissed off. 

Am I the only one that sees the conflict here? 


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