So Posh fancies herself as an interior designer heh?


Just in case Contract edits my post/diatribe here it is-

One side of me says “good for you Posh!” You saw an opportunity to reinvent yourself and you took it. Who am I to stop you? You have a flair for color (at least in your own mind) and you are a master of self promotion. Most of us can only marvel at the way you have drug your 15 minutes of fame into an extended stay at the Paparazzi Inn. You don’t really understand the difference between interior decoration and professional interior design but that does not concern you because you have flair, style and you exist in a world of one week trends, couture fashion and disposable surface enhancements. I call it interior botoxification but I digress…I don’t really listen to that side of me too much. Rather my rational side says “Posh you perfect poser you!” You took advantage (masterfully I might add) of the interior design professions inability to manage and promote it’s true value and meaning to society. Yes anybody with a pulse and flair for color can claim they are an interior designer. It is a free country..isn’t it? Well sure as long as you don’t call yourself an interior designer in Nevada, Louisiana, D.C., Puerto Rico and Florida…at least for now. That may change if the Institute for Justice’s lawsuit is successful- I digress again.

                Anyway Ms. Spice I welcome your self-proclaimed entre’ into my profession. I have two hard earned degrees in design, 23 years of bust ass professional service and a lifelong commitment to actually making deep and meaningful improvements to people’s lives and livelihoods within interior environments that respond appropriately to their architectural context and respect their ecological impact.    So yes my other side is a bit envious of your particular career path. I note that you are just one of dozens of over hyped uber-celebrities who are taking advantage of our career path fire sale. I see these decorators cum “interior designers” as the make-up counter attendants at the mall department stores that are cute but, but like mosquitoes, serve no real purpose other than to cover some odd smell or cosmetic imperfection. Sure they make you look better but do they really make a lasting improvement to your life? Good grief get me out of the cosmetics area and into the store where I can buy something that I actually need.

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