Judge issues opinion in Florida Interior Design Lawsuit

Thanks to the IDPC for posting the judges opinion;


I am sure both sides will be claiming victory. The anti-regulation folks stake their claim here- http://idpcinfo.wordpress.com/

The pro-regulation side offers their humble take on the opinion  here- http://www.idaf.us/news/judgeruling.html

Most likely the two professional organizations (ASID & IIDA)  representing the so called profession will not even mention it. They will avoid it like the plague.

That is a shame.

One response to “Judge issues opinion in Florida Interior Design Lawsuit”

  1. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER Stands corrected- Mea Culpa Sorta

    Click to access FL_Court_Decision_FAQ_02042010.pdf

    Thanks to the Ohio ASID chapter for that backdoor access.


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