Whew Drapes are BACK! I was worried.

But I am glad that interior designers found them….otherwise who would cover up those naked walls?


This is the image we portray. And we wonder why legislators do not respect us.

Good grief!

3 responses to “Whew Drapes are BACK! I was worried.”

  1. Legislators are not the only ones confused… the public at large has no idea. An effective way to correct the problem (though it is not going to happen overnight) is to be available for and reach out to local reporters for when they have a story on interior design and taake the opportunity to set the record straight each and every time. One by one by one…. There is also a website that puts you in touch with reporters regarding stories they need help on… alot of these stories on “interior design” so there is potential to make a difference. For those who want to check it out the website is http://www.haro.com We run a continuing education course for interior designers to help them establish their brands. This is just one way to do it… and it costs you nothing by time.


    1. Could not agree more Micene- THANKS! Seems like a good job for ASID and or IIDA. This might be a far less onerous way to distinguish interior decoration from interior design than pursuing title legislation.

      But what do I know?

      P.S. I have nothing against interior decorators or curtains. But it ain’t interior design.


  2. “For $75 an hour, down-to-earth decorators analyze your space.”


    $75 bucks an hour to pick paint colors….are you s**ting me?


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