This Rythym gives me the blues!

So if we allow anybody to speak for our profession, in this case a landscaper, we must accept that the misperceptions and stereotypes will never cease.

Here from we get a landscaper describing design principles (albeit principles that do apply to landscape design/architecture) that an interior designer should consider. While he did OK with the scale and contrast definitions he failed on the definition and importance of rhythm. So again we have people who are unqualified to speak to our particular skill set and knowledge. WHY?

The final principle for home decorating is rhythm. Interior designers would define rhythm as the art of creating a theme throughout a space. Rhythm is where themes come into play for an entire home or rooms inside it. When you are able to create rhythm in a room, you can bring the entire space together, giving it a single purpose, and a unified artistic vision.

So that is how we “would define rhythm” ehhh?  Rhythm has nothing to do with “theme”. Okay maybe I am splitting hairs on the design principle thing but come on a landscaper……….Arrrgghhh!

One response to “This Rythym gives me the blues!”

  1. “Larette believes choosing the right color palette and the strategic use of soft accessories, such as pillows and throws, add warmth and coziness without sacrificing the contemporary look. And don’t forget about the windows, she advises.”

    Read more:

    So pillows are a stategic decision? Geez I guess I need to change my entire approach to interior design. “Lets see should I use the plush soft foam or the soft/medium rubber high density foam”? You know it is the difference between cozy and cold….the pressure is too much….OMG!


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