It’s Getting Nasty in the Interior Design Sandbox

Okay the IDPC is on a roll…the rhetoric is amazing. Here are the 10 ways decisions by designers can impact the health safety and welfare of the public as written by the IDLPCA (Pennsylvania Pro-Legislation Group)

While I do not think the examples are compelling enough to deem government regulation necessary, the point is that the decisions of a designer affect the health, safety and welfare of building occupants on several levels. To argue this assertion is just plain counter-productive to anybody who considers their knowledge, their skill set and  their talents (regardless if they are an interior decorator or a professional engineer) to be of any value to anybody at anytime.  I would think even the angry decorators would be troubled by this denigration of what are basic moral and ethical obligations. Why would anybody claim otherwise?

Here is the IDPC’s counter to those 10 points (see the link)………I would challenge Ms. Morrow to substantiate her points with facts in lieu of vitriol, spurious rhetoric and even rasher generalizations.

So in their zeal to de-professionalize the entire act of designing, or even decorating, interior spaces, the IDPC has clearly aimed their rhetorical pistol at their feet. 

Fun to watch isn’t it?

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