In an effort to make this blog more than a forum for my skewed perspective on the state of the profession of interior design I have created a tab that will call up a list of Interior Design Legislation in the U.S. and eventually globally. No, we are not the only people dealing with this issue.

At this time I am still testing format and assembling information please bear with me.

There are several sites that provide similar information but all of them are either in the pro-regulation or anti-regulation camps. None look at this issue from a neutral perspective. Each side is reluctant to acknowledge victories or defeats that do not serve their effort. Many are not current. It is very difficult to know what is happening in all states simultaneously. Frankly PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has found the most accurate and current accounting of the legislation of Interior Design can be found on the Anti-Regulation side. Over the past 3 years they are able to claim numerous victories so they are quick to tout those. I however, will do my best to verify all claims.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER’s version will include a revision date, and info on legislative status when possible.  I will try to update it once a month or whenever critical information becomes available.  I also hope to begin acknowledging Interior Design regulation efforts on a global basis.


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