Okay instead of littering this blog with my posts and links to how our profession is portrayed in the popular media I am going to start a thread titled STUPID INTERIOR DESIGN TRICKS. If you are interested in this sort of thing please check back via the tag. Feel free to add your own. It’s loads of fun and makes me feel proud to be an interior designer……

Today we have what I consider a grave compromise of the secret interior designer code…..never admit to the press how we actually solve complex design problems;  Read the question…the kicker is in the answer.

Q: My family is trying to help our mother with her living room renovation and can’t seem to make it work for her. She craves a space that is contemporary yet cozy, warm and inviting. The space is quite large, and after creating a seating area around the fireplace, there is an area toward the staircase and front hall that feels like a hole. We have added pieces but now it feels to her like a furniture warehouse. Could you please help us out with a better colour palette and a more uncluttered design?

A: It can be a challenge to get the right balance and furniture placement, but the best solution is to move things around till they work. Yes, there is too much going on, so begin by editing out what you can.–travis-the-media-drives-interior-design


Here is a stupid interior designer video….

AND just in case you do not grasp the power of interior design we have this zinger from Tampa;

“Well-designed bedrooms can help teens be more successful, both socially and academically.”

OK -PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER can actually get next to that rash generalization…..but stating it as a marketing tool and actually being able to stand behind the statement with evidence are two completely different things.

We have got to stop saying things just to fill space and to make us feel better about what we do.  My office is a disaster does that make me anti-social and a loser?  DON’T ANSWER THAT!


  1. I can’t argue with these points to help us rest better or get a good night’s sleep…….well Okay just one…..What difference does the color of the walls in your bedroom make when your eyes are closed? Anybody care to illuminate me?…Oh and make sure you clean up after yourself…thats the first rule of a “trained interior designer” Good Grief!


  2. My peanut sized brain just exploded……..

    Oh so now its not good enough to hire an interior designer….you now need to hire a redesigner. What if the redesigner creates a pile of crap that needs to be re-redesigned? Who ya gonna call…. (not CRAP BUSTERS…that’s too easy) I suggest you call;
    The Society of Interior Reredesigners..and then when that space is dated you can call the Society of Interior Rereredesigners….and 50 years from now you can count on a Rerereredesigner to redo your reredone space.
    Good grief I need to get to work…….


  3. David Dieckman Avatar
    David Dieckman

    I thought design was an intellectual process.
    I didn’t know I could just move things around until something stuck.
    Maybe we should have certified “Marri-go-Designers”.


  4. How exactly does one attain the status of GURU? Is that the penultimate level of Interior Designer?


  5. Here is a stupid interior designer video….

    This one just makes me laugh and laugh…..


  6. So here is a copy of one of the seminal anti-legislation PR efforts “Watch out for that pillow” which most designers dismissed as Neily being misinformed…

    And then I read crap like this that convinces me maybe he’s on to something…

    “Because interior design is based on personal preference, designers say anyone can inject new life into any space as long as there is a common color or shade in the room as the colors on the pillow.”

    I do not make this up….I wish I could.


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