Time for an intervention……..


Maybe PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER should start a new reality show where I help people understand that their Interior Design addiction is really an addiction to interior decorating…although I know that interior decorating is merely a gateway occupation that leads to harder and more harmful habits such as frivolous wardrobe purchases and obsessive cosmetic usage. Many hardcore decorator addicts suffer from constant architectural in-digest-ion and serious bouts of affluenza.

What a shame…..

2 responses to “Time for an intervention……..”

  1. Design trends are moving from “classic traditional” to “transitional traditional,”…..

    Whew I was worried that the trend was actually moving toward “ambiguously inane” but whado I know?

    Read more: http://newsok.com/designers-redefining-traditional/article/3456361#ixzz0mDHqsODY


  2. One of the rules in PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER’s childhood home was “If you do not have anything nice to say don’t say anything”

    Sorry Mom my tongue is chewed entirely off…..


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