Watch out LEED the IDPC has you in their sights

Just got wind that the Interior Design Protection Council is promoting a certification program to become a Certified Green Designer.

and promoting it via un-solicited emails to Interior Design Students. While anybody can claim to “prepare you to take the exams for….LEED Green Associate” I would caution anybody who might find this offer compelling to do their homework. The USGBC does not recognize Becomming Green as a resource for LEED exam preparation. You can confirm requirements to sit for the LEED Green Associate Exam at;

One response to “Watch out LEED the IDPC has you in their sights”

  1. From the USGBC;

    “There are a lot of third-prty organizations that states that they can assist in the exam preparation. USGBC does not certify, promote or endorse any services, products or companies. In this case, the organization is stating that participants will become Certified Green Designers which appears to be their own title.

    They state that they will also prepare participants to take the exams for Certified Green Specialist, LEED Green Associate, and Green Advantage. Since the exam questions are not released to the public, it is speculative. We always suggest caution when selecting courses to help prepare for the LEED exams.”

    Again anybody can make the claims but as the IDPC and their mentors the Institute for Justice proclaim “buyer beware”.


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