But, but, I thought we were victorious in Florida…………….. 

Well it seems the angry decorators will not be satisfied until they completely de-professionalize the profession as we (the NCIDQ trained & certified segment of the profession) have endeavored for 35+ years to define it. 

What is driving these people? That is not a rhetorical question….in order defend our position we must really understand the motivation behind this vitriol..painful as that process may be. Threatening us with 1st amendment issues and discrimination and monopolizing and cartelization….wow that is just mind blowing and all too easy to ignore……plugging your ears and chanting “please go away, please go away” will not work. 

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER can only assume that our crack team of legal professionals is crafting some sort of strategic response as he writes this.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER knows that the pro-regulation side hates to acknowledge the anti-regulation side in any way. But I think it is important for all to see how many people have drunk the quasi-libertarian Cool-Aid.

What I don’t get is that we have basically surrendered the terms “interior design” and “interior designer”. We have allowed residential decoration to become the professions DMZ. The angry decorators can now call themselves interior designers. But they want more….

WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?  Anybody care to guess?

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