This Just in From the Streets of L.A.

Lower Alabama that is;

So okay it is not a scientific study but it shows how, in the minds of John & Sally Q. Public, the profession of “Interior Design” is intertwined with the occupation of “interior decoration”- It is one and the same.

NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! It is what it is and we are not going to change that perception. SO LET’S STOP TRYING…PUH-LEEZE!

The more PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER thinks about it the more we need to come up with another term that automatically distinguishes us from those that believe a flair for color or innate talent qualifies them for professional status as an “interior designer”.

LET THEM HAVE IT- The S.S. INTERIOR DESIGNER left the dock years ago.

And no I am talking about calling us Interior Architect. The American Institute of Architects has dibs on that term- and rightfully so.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER suggests that we consider calling ourselves  Interior Architectural Designer or Interior Environmental Designer and that we design physiologically and psychologically supportive interior environments that enhance quality of life . PERIOD END OF STORY- NO LENGTHY DEFINITION OR JUSTIFICATION OR GOVERNMENTAL REGULATION NEEDED.

We then create a credentialing entity, trademark and copyright the brand and we are off to the races and the decorator wannabe’s are left at the dock.

Some call me a dreamer but I am not the only one. 

Thanks to the Alabama Chapter of IIDA for the above video. It is very enlightening.


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