Interior Designers Do the Darndest Things!

It appears that the pro-regulation effort in New York is responsible for self inflicting this hypocritical bombshell

If you are too busy to read the details here is the gist as PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER sees it;

“To allow individuals practicing interior design for fifteen years or more to be exempted from licensing requirements.”

Anybody who has read the depositions in the Florida lawsuit knows that one strategic ace card that the Institute for Justice is playing is that “Grandfathering” is inherently in conflict with the intent of interior design licensing. It does not make sense and it opens up a big ole’ can of legal worms that makes any effort to legislate the title or the act of interior design all the more difficult……….Why do we do this?

Thanks to our good friend and allies at the NKBA (not) for this legislative alert.

What a freakin’ mess.

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