Tom Vecchione- Crosses Over to the Dark Side

Okay so PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER often laments the influence of HGTV on the profession of Interior Design.  98% of their programming is based on aesthetics and drama with no attention to the actual reality of the least as PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER knows it. Oh sure there are a few token shows that touch upon design’s ability to actually improve people’s lives. Unfortunately that does not sell as well as a bunch of over-hyped decorator divas flailing about in a 10 x 10 box traumatized by the fact that they only have 30 minutes left to reupholster their vanity stool. How can you not like Mike Holmes? And PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has the utmost respect for Vern Yip’s design skills.  So it was with yawning interest that PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER read that HGTV’s wildly successful decorating show just announced its Fall line-up. What do you know from the usual line up of designer wanna-be suspects PROFESSSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER noticed that the design director of Gensler New York is a cast member. SAY WHAT? Is Art Gensler aware of this? Is this some sort of coup attempt by actual professional interior designers? Has Tom Vecchione let his good looks and suave self-promotion skills gone to his head?

Well this is going to make it interesting.  Is PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER going to have to eat a large plate of crow pate’?

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