Missed Opportunity?

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER believes that many in the profession do not realize the potential market available to us in home remodeling.  We have managed to decorate ourselves out of tremendous segment of the built environment because we are too busy focusing on “commercial” interiors.  Here is an example of a P.R. piece from Salt Lake City that basically says if you want to decorate call an interior designer;


Well don’t most people live inside their homes? Who should be most qualified to re-design the interior space of a residence? Unfortunately not us.

Our professional myopism is robbing us of tremendous market potential…why can’t we see that (irony intended)?

2 responses to “Missed Opportunity?”

  1. Irony, indeed. According to this article, ID can only help rearrange furnishings, but not touch the plumbing etc. What designer do you know would look at a bad layout and not want to make those suggestions? According to this, only an architect can help this type of home remodel. I have been doing home remodeling for 10 years, and prior to that 15 years in commercial interiors. As long as you have a trusted contractor, who is trained/licensed, no reason why you need the architect to redo simple home renovations or new layouts. If there is an addition, yes, call in the architect; if the kitchen is expanding and opening up to the existing family room, use your contractor to his/her fullest.
    Residential rehab is not just the purview of the architects, there are many qualified interior designers out there who can handle this type of job.


    1. It’s a business opportunity plain and simple. We are blowing it big time.
      Thanks for the comment


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