What’s a Designer to do?

Can’t go totally retro, Can’t go Rococo….Oh I am so confused!

Okay this is from ABC New/Associated Press;     http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory?id=10849378

“……….so I wouldn’t go all Rococo with my interior pieces.”  I am so glad I hired you to tell me that. I was about to Rococo-ize my entire house.  Phewww that was close.

This my friends is the public face of interior design………..

One response to “What’s a Designer to do?”

  1. …..”He’s also a fan of grasscloth, which can give walls a ’50s or ’70s vibe, and using contemporary colour combinations in retro rooms (try black, grey and blue “with pops of Kelly green” for a “swanky, masculine and entertaining-savvy” look, Flynn says).”


    STOP YER KILLIN’ ME- Swanky Masculine???? OMG!!!!


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