Wow! Score One for the Pro-Legislation Side

This one was not even on IDPC’s radar.

It appears to open up a range of project types, instead of the typical “office” T.I. but it still limits the projects to 5,000 square feet (as I understand it) and of course the ID’ers cannot alter anything structural or design systems- but it appears that the licensed ID’ers can hire M/E/P (and even stuctural P.E.’s?) to work under their supervision.  If this is all true it certainly opens up opportunities for independent ID’ers. On the surface this appears to be a good thing. But does it?

 The Georgia AIA is not 100% supportive.

  I would like to hear the full version of their position and effort (or lack thereof) to block the bill. You can bet that their opposition will be more focused in 2011.

Is this simply a matter of the GAIDP having the upper hand (read stronger legislative advocates) over the AIA or was there some back room agreements with the GA AIA to stand down on their opposition?

My concern is that the GA AIA was simply asleep at the wheel- I hope I am wrong and if so then IIDA and ASID need to focus in on what went right and they need to share that information with the profession.

P.S. I find several opportunities for professional public relations with this development. 1. If the GA AIA and the GAIDP came to some sort of back room agreement to get this bill through that is a remarkable accomplishment that every pro-legislation alliance in the country should be privy to. If the bill was rammed through without the GA AIA standing down but maybe unawares or unprepared (I still find it amazing that the IDPC was not aware of this one) then that is another issue- one that will continue to haunt the GAIDP each and every legislative session.

2. If this whole thing is true and above board on all fronts then it is a remarkable achievement and it should be banner headlines throughout the interior design profession. The P.R. machine should be in high gear….wait we don’t have a P.R. machine.

3. Again if this achievement was accomplished with the tacit support or acquiescence of the AIA and the NKBA (PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is highly dubious) then why does this not become model legislation for those that feel that using the government to advance our professional status is the best model? A title act with limited permitting privileges what more could you want?

2 responses to “Wow! Score One for the Pro-Legislation Side”

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