Is it Interior Architecture or is it Memorex?


So maybe one way to avoid the professional miasma that the term “interior design” has become is to… well avoid the term altogether. Ms. Rose Dunning’s 20 Below Studios in Minneapolis appears to perform every possible design service from interior decorating to architecture. She is correct in labeling her firms work “interior minded design“. She seems to be purposely avoiding the tag interior design. As PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is fond of saying “if professional interior designers do not realize the potential that they have within the building design professions and come together to promote and protect that potential somebody else will”  Score one for the interior architecture camp.

Partner Joe “Hamilton is the only registered licensed architect of the three and is also a certified interior decorator”. A registered architect that is also a CID (certified interior decorator)……….PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER grants Mr. Hamilton the greatest credential combo in the world. Well played…Mr. Hamilton….well played.

Finally let’s give props to a firm that avoids the three partner last name moniker……20 Below Studios….in Minneapolis….PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER gives this firm 2 thumbs way up!

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