PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has been receiving daily email notices from a GOOGLE alert internet search for the term “Interior Design”. I have been doing this for about a year- hence all of the links to e-mag articles, internet press release engines and popular media that I post on this blog. I do not hunt this stuff out- it comes to me. Fascinating really you should try it.

In that year I have seen two P.R. items from A.S.I.D. and none from I.I.D.A.  I have reviewed literally hundreds of articles about interior design from podunk local newspaper gossip columns to the New York Times. While this has not been a scientific study (que ID researchers???) I would say the 95% of the on-line interior design press is actually describing interior decoration as in this piece;


THIS IS NOT INTERIOR DESIGN AS WE KNOW IT. Yet there are dozens of interior decorators who claim to represent the state of my profession. If PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER had not taken the vow of poverty to teach interior design he would have put his fist through dozens of computer monitors. And we wonder why we are not understood or respected as professionals.

So ASID and IIDA- where’s the beef?

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