“Designer” Showhouse…….Really?

PID (that’s PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER for fans of brevity)  often laments the reckless portrayal of “interior design” by HGTV. Unfortunately there is a longer standing public relations effort that has been sending conflicting occupational messages to the public and that is the Decorator Showhouse phenomenon. You know the drill- some rich philanthropist trying to sell a mansion offers it up to a group of designers, decorators and florists to over-decorate vignettes in the house. Some houses can have as many as 30 disparate and totally unrelated rooms and spaces. Budget and function constraints are usually non-existent these houses are the haute-couture of residential decoration. The hyper decorated house is then marketed as a state of the art or who’s who in local decorating circles and tickets are sold of which the proceeds are supposedly donated to a worthy charity. Often ASID is a primary sponsor of these events. Occasionally a legitimate certified interior designer or even an architect will participate most likely for the benefit of the charity (PID actually decorated a Christmas Tree in such a house one year- but that is just between us). The fundraising aspect is admirable and PID certainly respects that effort.

So what is your beef PID……you ask?

Well PID gets PISsed when these exercises in mindless over-consumption are presented as “Interior Design” such as this one in New Jersey;


 Do these temporary decorator showcases really represent “Interior Design” at it’s best?

P.S. Okay so here is a better example of what a ‘designer” show case should be. Kudos to ASID San Diego. Real installations with real solutions.


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