Angry decorators are scurrying to avoid the light…

So one of the bastions of “To The Trade Only” finally acquiesced and threw open its doors to public scrutiny and the decorators, who once had control over their client’s design and pricing ignorance are none too happy. 

“Not everyone agrees. Mark Blumenthal of Deaurora has been a tenant in the building for more than 30 years and prides himself on the exclusive furniture they sell and create.

“I think the reality is that the slippery slope will take effect, and you’ll get a divide between consumers who have lost exclusivity and consumers who don’t understand the value of the product,” he said.”

Huh? You mean the public, your customers will figure out that some decorators have been charging way above and beyond list cost and that the once off-limits habitat of ethically challenged decorators is now exposed for what it is.  A sham. 

Now if they would just let the public roam around with shopping carts and force the showrooms to have blue light sales and price roll back promotions then you might just see an entire occupation get sent back to where it belongs.

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