Don’t think you have what it takes to be NCIDQ certified? Here ya go-


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER does not hide his disdain for interior decorators that claim professional status as interior designers. These decorators apparently have a birthright to the profession and are really un-happy that some interior designers wish to raise the standards by which we define professional status. Soon a flair for color and a knack for creative accessorizing will not cut it. Hence the angry decorators that PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER wastes so many bytes Grrrr’ing and Arrrrrr’ing about. The spiritual headquarters of the angry decorator movement is the Interior Design Protection Council (see link below if you really dare). They have spent copious amounts of time and financial resources in an effort to de-professionalize the profession that we have all worked our asses off to establish. Unfortunately they have had some impact on the effort to legislate Interior Design. Now it appears that they realize the benefit of having professional credentials…funny how that works. They have even created their own exam.

This certificate is being solicited by emails to Interior Design students-


All we can do as a professional society is to continue to educate our students that interior decorators do not need to be certified. Unfortunately as ripe as this offense is for a good anti-smear campaign by our illustrious professional organizations I doubt anything will come of it.

Watch out NCIDQ the angry decorators are out to get you- NOT!

3 responses to “IF YOU CAN’T JOIN ‘EM-BEAT ‘EM or BE LIKE ‘EM….maybe?”

  1. I have to say I was not surprised when I read that IDPC came up with their own flavor of the NCIDQ exam, which they apparently call RIDE. I remember commenting on one of your first entries and stating that this is where things were heading. Here we are now and I think that even those who supported IDPC (I am not one of them) were definitely taken for a ride… that leads right back where they started except with IDPC as the “regulatory body”.


  2. Thanks Micene I do not think the profession realizes what is going on…..too bad for us.


  3. Chris Birkentall Avatar
    Chris Birkentall

    OMG, Patti strikes again. Doesn’t she know about that other test, one that almost no one has taken, called the CQRID? Or is that too professional for them?
    In IL we recognized the residential designer who took that alternative test, even had about 70 sign up to be considered as Registered Residential Interior Designers. I have looked at that test, and it has some solid merit. Why must we “re-design” everything?


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