Oh Rrrrreeeaaalllyy! You don’t say!

“An interior designer’s job doesn’t end here — in fact, it’s just getting started. Using an inspiration board and budget as their guide, they begin to shop, choose paint, accessorize and pull everything together in the room”

Lucidio Studio, Getty Images

Another example of “interior design” gone wrong. This one from the new frontier of on-line decorator/designer blogs and e-mags.  The banner image kills me…


The misperception is spreading like a bad virus.  Some of us still believe we can claim the term “interior design” as our own. Dream on.

One response to “Oh Rrrrreeeaaalllyy! You don’t say!”

  1. Sadly, I could not stop laughing after reading the quote. The sentence, would have been perfect, if it weren’t for the ill use of “interior designer” when they clearly meant “decorator”. I have nothing against “decorators” at all. I have friends who are decorators but they introduce themselves as such and educate people on what a decorator does (versus what an interior designer does). At any rate, I wonder if the same people who call themselves “interior designers” are also comfortable hiring , say a “fitness trainer” with no credentials just because the ‘trainer” happens to read fitness magazines and has tried every possible supplement available. Maybe they are also willing to trust their health to someone whose credentials consist of webmd.com


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