Just in Case You’ve Been in a Coma…….

We no longer compete with just eachother……


All the more reason to realize our potential as a unified profession by combining our intellectual resources to create a valuable resource to society. If we fail to do this, and soon, nobody will make the effort to call us.

Why should they?

3 responses to “Just in Case You’ve Been in a Coma…….”

  1. I hope the day does not come when ppl feel they do not need to call us. While this program seems to lay it out for you in a simple matter, they still do not address matters such as codes, ada, structural aspects, performance aspects. I could see the program being there to mess with and have fun, but nothing further.


  2. so our job is so easy now an ap can do it? as stated by Ian, it doesn’t address the things professionals deal with daily, just helps with the decorative portions of a residential job, which we all know just about anyone with some taste and some common sense can do. I agree we need to finalize the unification, but we also need to clarify to the public what professional ID’s do ( that is commercially), and that is not re-arrange living room furniture and put pretty patterns on the furniture.


  3. I agree! We see it for what it is- But we need to get our acts together before the general public starts to actually believe that they can do what we do with just an app. That is what scares me.


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