Tell us how you really feel

This is an old thread from The Angle the AIA’s blog. If you have not read it, especially the comments, please enlighten yourselves;

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER believes that we need architects and they need us. We are stronger together than we are at odds with eachother. Obviously many of the comments are based on ignorance of NCIDQ and the increasing value we have placed on HS&W. Also the way the issue is presented it sounds like we want to have full permitting priveledges on entire projects. That is just not the case and in reality the scope of work our pro-legislation proponents are pursuing is extremely limited in area and actual physical modifications. Most architects would scoff at, even in these tight times, the scope of work wish to take liability for.

Regardless, in the realm of licensing for the interior design profession, the AIA represents a monumental legislative roadblock. Some pro-legislative proponents say it is par for the course. Some see it as a challenge. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER sees a lost opportunity.

One response to “Tell us how you really feel”

  1. Here is another perspective from the other end of the spectrum. I usually do not agree with Ms. Bennett but she makes an interesting case about credentials.


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