Our 15 minutes is about up……..

Apparently the institute for Justice’s challenge of the Florida Interior Design Practice Act will come down to a 15 minute oral argument;

Appeal of Florida’s unconstitutional interior design law update
Oral arguments are scheduled for the morning of Nov. 2 in Montgomery, AL.  Each side will have 15 minutes to present their case. We are confident the Institute for Justice will prevail and the rest of this law will rightly be struck down, (http://www.idpcinfo.org/)
Why I have to hear about this from the Institute for Justice is beyond me. That this is not on the forefront of every NCIDQ, ASID, IIDA, CIDA, IDEC homepage and is not being discussed in detail in the many trade magazines that feed off our profession is further beyond my limited mental capacity to comprehend. What the hell is going on here? We either don’t know, we don’t give a damn OR we are afraid of the consequences! Unfortunately PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER thinks it’s a healthy dose of all of the above. 
The very tenet of our professional validation, licensure, is under threat. And in PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER’s feeble mind the Florida practice act could in fact be rendered unconstitutional. KAPUT! NULL! VOID! WORTHLESS! 35+ years of effort to validate and advance our professional domain will become moot. WORTHLESS! WASTED! JUNK!
Now if you think I am overreacting please read all of the legal briefs and listen to all of the legal wranglings that have been submitted in this case.
Somebody is taking this issue seriously but unless you are on the Florida BOAID, you are named in the legal action or you support the Institute for Justice (I do not!) very few people are aware that our professional status is one the line in Florida.
If you can prove that I am overreacting and you can guarantee that the profession will in no way be impugned by this challenge then please advise. I will make your case the feature of my next post.
PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is not a supporter of ID regulation in its current form. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ALL OF THIS VALUABLE EFFORT GO TO WASTE! Good grief people our professional identity crisis is difficult enough. Do we really want it to get worse?

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