Which Interior Design Licensing Book Are You Reading?

Following up on an earlier post here are some notes from last weekends ASID Legislative Symposium;


It appears that the shift away from ownership of the title “interior design” is old news. We lost that semantic tug-o-war. It is also clear that the focus is now on permitting privileges which pits us squarely in direct competition with architects. It’s On! Which begs the question;

Does the IIDA also support this new focus on licensing interior designers?

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is dubious. One, many leaders within IIDA are also AIA members. The AIA has clearly stated that it will not support any legislative efforts by interior designers. Seems to be an obvious conflict in the making. Two, the effort to eek out some permitting privileges for interior designers cleanly favors those interior design practitioners who wish to practice independently of licensed architects. In a profession that is proud of its ability to collaborate with other licensed building design professionals within an allied design professional society that almost demands collaboration on projects of any consequence, does this make sense? 

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has noted that IIDA has not been as noticeable on the interior design licensing scene as in years past. While this latest ASID symposium was open to non-members it is clear who is running this show.  Seems that for an effort that affects the entire interior design profession we all need to understand which book ASID is reading.

Or should we just trust them?

One response to “Which Interior Design Licensing Book Are You Reading?”

  1. FYI Here is IIDA’s position statement which does in fact support signing and sealing of documents……from 2001 though…..lot’s changed.

    Click to access IIDAPolicy_Licensure.pdf


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