OH Nooo It’s IDPC Television

7 responses to “OH Nooo It’s IDPC Television”

  1. What? No genuine public benefit to licensing interior designers? What about protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people you’re designing for? Oh yeah, who needs to know about those silly codes and ADA stuff, if you just want to make things pretty? Anti-competitive? Well, only if you’re not competent. The pink boxing gloves are really over the top.


  2. The IDPC see’s interior design as one thing. The NCIDQ certified see it as another. We literally are at war over the term “interior design” and who should be able to call themselves an “interior designer”. This war is being waged in both the court of public opinion and the court of jurisprudence. In my opinion we (the NCIDQ certified) are losing the battle for the public’s respect. The Florida practice act lawsuit is being considered as we write. It could go either way and if the court decides in favor of the angry decorators (anti-legislation side) we will have lost in the other court as well. There is a lot at stake here.


  3. Maureen Soules, CID, IIDA Avatar
    Maureen Soules, CID, IIDA

    OMG!! Where is the ASID / IIDA / NCIDQ responses?!? Silence condones this kind of message, and they should be refuting it LOUDLY! Better yet, they should be refuting it as a unified front, but that’s a whole other blog…

    There is enough evidence based design research out there to make this woman’s claim completely invalid. Yes, the NCIDQ has issues; so does every other professional accreditation exam out there. How many lawyers pass the bar on the first attempt? If everyone passes, then the exam isn’t doing it’s job. “If everyone is super, then no one is.” -from the movie “The Incredibles”


  4. Patti has been running around for a few years with those boxing gloves and still the majority is silent. Perhaps we should put on gloves and fight? Are you listening ASID/IIDA/IDEC/NCIDQ? I know no one wants to stoop to this level, but after last weeks national election, screaming seems to be the only way to communicate these days….If the FL ruling gets struck, we will all be scrambling to remind the public that we have value and are worthwhile professionals. Of course, if a desperate housewife can “hang out a shingle” …..


  5. Unfortunately we are an easy target. It’s too bad that bitching and moaning isn’t painful-people might be more inclined to either accept their fate or work to improve it.


  6. The only thing ASID/NCIDQ/CIDA designers will be getting from the government is an unemployment check after they get fired. That’s assuming they ever got a job at all out of “College” with either an Architecture Firm (the enemy) or an Interior Decorator (the Devil).


  7. I once worked for an AIA member that was a decorator…it was hell.


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