Next time you are asked to explain the difference between interior design and interior decoration simply reply “we are different because we’re spatial”.

That should save you some time.  Next post; how do you explain the difference between interior design and interior architecture in 15 words or less.

Happy Friday!

3 responses to “BECAUSE WE’RE SPATIAL”

  1. so does this mean we have a new name ? Interior Spacialists? lets see, ASIS or IISA? or Certified/Registered IS?
    This might grow on me!


  2. Now yer thinkin’!
    How about we tick off all of our peers’
    Interior Architectual Spatial Engineer?
    I guess we could argue ad infinitum the pros/cons of SPACIAL vs. SPATIAL. If you get to the Fellows standing you could be a SPECIAL SPACIALIST!


  3. Mike, your snarkiness amuses me! Actually, I really like your consise answer to the question, and I’ll probably use it because it’s succinct, and accurate. It’s a shame that titles hold so much weight and are so limiting in defining us. It’s like when I was a kid and my stay-at-home mom had to fill out forms for school… She always stated her profession as “Domestic Engineer” I was embarrassed by her snarkiness, but in hindsight, that’s exactly what stay-at-home mothers are! Yes, she even did plumbing, electrical maintenance, and minor construction. She made a mean Toll House cookie too!


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