PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has been watching how the lighting design profession is dealing with the issue of credentialing and professional identity. In a struggle for validity that closely mirrors that of NCIDQ certified interior designers, lighting designers are trying to decide how, or if, credentials will help advance their professional domain.

Elizabeth Donoff, the editor of Architectural Lighting design magazine offers this take on the process;

There is much here for the certified interior designers to learn about our identity issues. The issue of who should be able to call themselves a “lighting designer” and how credentials will address that being just one very germane topic. How lighting designers deal with Electrical P.E.’s and Manufacturers representatives is another issue that matches our struggles to distinguish our work from that of decorators and whether we compete with or collaborate with Architects.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER admires Ms. Donoff for taking on this issue. Unfortunately certified interior designers do not have such a voice in a position of influence. Where or where might that person be?


  1. Lighting Designers? Avatar
    Lighting Designers?

    Are you kidding me?

    You could make an argument to certify every sub-category of Interior Design and Architecture.

    Furniture, Antiques, Accessories, Window Treatments, Kitchen and Bathrooms, etc.

    No one cares about certifications.


    1. No I am not kidding- you in particular- Yes I can make an argument that certification is just one way to sort out the decorators from those interior design professionals that earn their professional status. And yes you are correct selecting furniture accessories and window treatments for naieve home owners typically does not require special knowledge or certification…just a flair for color and drama….which you probably have in spades.
      Thanks for the comment


      1. Lighting Designers Avatar
        Lighting Designers

        So should lighting designers be certified and validated by the government?

        And if they are, should that prevent NCIDQ Ceritfied Designers from practing Lighting Design unless they are also Certified Lighting Designers? And then what about Kitchen & Bath Designers. Should only CKD designers be allowed to practice Kitchen Design? There is no end in sight to this licensing, certifying nonsense.


  2. I did not say anything about licensing. If you read my rants you will see that PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER DOES NOT SUPPORT LICENSING as a means to advance professional status. Got it? So NO I do not think lighting designers should be validated by the government.
    Credentials will allow the profession to regulate itself. I know this is hard for you to accpet but trust me it is true.


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