“Flanged pillows themselves are a good design as they are neither masculine or feminine.”

Interior Designers say the darndest things.  I could argue that this article, is really written about interior decoration by an interior decorator but that is not the way it was presented.  What the general public will walk away with is that…”Hmmmm Interior Designers sure know their pillows.”

Which is why ALL interior designers are portrayed as pillow tossers- confirmed in this widely read (at least in my mind) Wall Street Journal Op Ed piece by friend of interior designers Clark Neilly;

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is told that our effort to validate and advance the profession beyond this stereotype will take time……yeah maybe when New York City is under a 100 feet of melted polar ice.


  1. Do you have a link to the article where the quote is from?


  2. Michael:

    Get a life already!

    Pillows are the “spice of life” in residential INTERIOR DESIGN. They are the essence of what makes a boring house a “HOME”.

    Look, unless you are BILL GATES, you can’t upholster a couch in $500 a yard fabric, but you can do great pillows in these fabrics.

    Get a life and embrace great pillows. Done well they are a work of art.


  3. CORRECTION- Pillows are the “spice of life” in residential INTERIOR DECORATION……Pillows are the epitomy of interior decoration- stop trying to pass it off as interior design. Personally I would only have a gender neutral pillow….those damn gender specific pillows multiply like rabbits..little fluffy pillows everywhere……Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!


  4. Thanks for the link. 🙂


    1. Mike the Decorator Avatar
      Mike the Decorator

      So I guess an “Interior Designer” better call an experienced “Decorator” when they need to specify pillows, fabrics, tiles, upholstery, paint colors, accessories, floor coverings, wall coverings, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc.

      Mike, what exactly do Interior Designers specify? Or do they just sit around complaining on Blogs as to why they can’t get a job with their fancy ID degree? And how much additional compensation will Interior Designers receive when they get to put a Government Stamp on their “drawings”?

      What, are “Decorators” supposed to hand out some Government Warning like on the pack of cigarettes that hiring a “Decorator” may be hazardous to your health?


      1. Wow a little spunk with your query PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER likes how you ahem…couched your comments. Here’s my beef- When decorators (and you know who you are) claim that sexing pillows is interior “design” I, and thousands of other interior designers who understand that decoration is only a minor aspect of the interior design process, tend to get offended at the rash generalization. It’s a stereotype we are tired of trying to explain our way out of. Interior decoration is not interior design as practiced by NCIDQ certified professionals. Unfortunately there is no clear line of demarcation but I am comfortable that somebody who specializes in pillow sexing is not practIcing interior design. Finally I also understand and appreciate that anybody with a pulse can in fact legally call themselves an interior designer…even in states where the practice is regulated. But that does not mean I will just bite my lip everytime somebody assumes my greatest skill is selecting paint colors or God forbid selecting non gendered pillows.
        Peace out!


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