Decorator vs. Designer

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER continues to ponder the rift between interior decorators who claim that they are interior designers and interior designers who claim that they are not interior decorators. It is an age-old debate that has no clear answer.  The answer does not lay in licensing. Many decorato……oops designers claim that taking an exam is meaningless. Fighting over the title “interior design” does not work. Many interior designers are self-taught and even a few are born as interior designers….but let’s face it we can’t all be interior designers can we?  So I think I am on to something……If you are unsure whether you are a qualified interior designer or an interior decorator take my foolproof Are you a designer or are you a decorator? quiz. It is quick, easy and painless.


  1. How big is a 2×4? _________________________________
  2. A 120 watt light bulb is twice as bright as a 60 watt bulb. TRUE or FALSE
  3. Which of the following nylon carpet types is more durable type-6, type-66 or type-666? _________________
  4. Green design is another term for using plants to soften an interior space. TRUE or FALSE
  5. It is acceptable to provide free design as long as the client buys their furniture and accessories from you? TRUE or FALSE
  6. It is more important to make a space look good than to have it make the client feel good. TRUE or FALSE
  7. Homeless people obviously don’t need design services. TRUE or FALSE
  8. Name the design firm featured in the T.V. show Designing Women. _________________________________
  9. Placing a leather club chair in a vegan’s home is acceptable as long as the mark-up is not over twice list. TRUE or FALSE
  10.  Masculine pillows will help to offset a feminine color scheme. TRUE or FALSE

Submit your answers to PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER for a free determination.  Operators are standing by!

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