Okay PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER knows that the internet is a remarkable tool. Hell we would not be here if it weren’t. I am also aware that since the mid-90’s and the dotcom boom there have been numerous attempts to link designers with clients digitally.  But now that the newness has worn off and Facebook, Myspace, eHarmony and other social networking sites have become the norm, not to mention that a generation of digital natives are now coming into positions of financial responsibility, maybe the time is ripe for professional design service networking sites to be useful.  PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is aware of two such sites (I am sure there are many others but just go with me here) and I see merit and issues with both.

 Interior Design Pro is limited to interior decorators and designers while Dzinebox boldly connects Landscape Architects/Designer, Architects (mostly residential) and Interior Decorators/Designers with potential clients.


Us old school digital immigrants may look upon these sites as nothing more than enhanced Yellow Pages for design services…you know let your fingers do the walkin…er typing, but they can be so much more. Is this the new paradigm for marketing professional interior design services? Will this make licensing efforts more important or impotent? Will clients get so burned by imcompetence that the entire profession is stained? Stay tuned.

3 responses to “GAME CHANGER OR FAD?”

  1. Design Professor Avatar
    Design Professor

    Dead-The Yellow Pages

    Michael, Decorati has a partnership with ASID!!!

    Of course, my question is why is ASID so lame that they can’t build a website that actually helps designers get clients?

    Instead ASID (and IIDA) has page after page on their websites of NCIDQ/CIDA/Legislation/Aging In Place/Healing Homes/Evidenced Based Design.

    Thousands of pages on their website that do nothing to help designers get clients or jobs.

    They don’t understand what designers really need from a trade organization.


  2. Good Question- I concur that ASID and IIDA seem to spend too much time and resources preaching to their own choirs while the congregation can’t find the church.


  3. I think these crowdsourcing sites are already widely used by other professionals and they can be a valuable marketing tool and an easy way for new clients to get better sense of what design professionals can offer them. That said, I wonder if any credentials are required to sign up and be listed as an interior designer, architect or landscape architect… and these sites definitely make competition very fierce. Worth exploring for sure.


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