Ms. Morrow you remind me of the two Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima that did not know in 1949 that WWII had ended 4 years earlier. There is not a state in the Union that regulates the term, or the practice of, “interior design”. Most jurisdictions regulate only those that claim the title “certified interior designer” or “state certified interior designer” while the interior decorators posing as “interior designers” are free to do so.  Oh sure you can split semantic/legal hairs  over the 3 States and 2 Territories that actually regulate the practice of “non-residential interior design” by those professionals who have proven that they are actually qualified to address issues of HS&W in a public facility but, ultimately the battle for what you decorators consider “interior design” is over. In fact Ms. Morrow (and your puppetmasters the NKBA & IJ) I will grant you victory in that regard. You won! Anybody with a pulse and a birthright to the occupation of interior design can call themselves an interior designer. It’s time to come out of your bunker and revel in your decorator finery. Frankly you can have it.  

I also thank you because those of us who actually invest our time and intellectual capital in improving and advancing the “profession” of interior design to be on par with any other of the allied built environment professions have actually benefitted from your quasi-libertarian hissy fits. Our mission is clearer and as long as you continue to impugn and denigrate the efforts of those of us who actually concern ourselves with creating environments that protect the occupants health, keep them safe, and promote their well being (I know silly goal huh?) the more your cartoon posts empower us.

As far as I am concerned the IDPC is the best thing to happen to this profession. Keep up the good work.


  1. Having seen Ms. Morrow in person, with the pink gloves, I did not feel the need to see this whole video, as I know what her stated position is in life. Now, what I don’t know truly are the associations current position via video, nor does anyone else. How about it ASID/IIDA/IDEC/etc. Let’s do a video- this is what seems to get peoples attention and help make the point. Perhaps showing people screaming from a burning building as draperies fuel the fire? Too graphic, I suppose… How about someone hacking and coughing, due to the off-gassing of VOC’s? Or a wheelchair user not being to get around the space due to too many obstacles in their way. The list is endless, as is this argument.
    Let’s face it, once and for all- interior decorators help the buying public decorate their homes and interior architectural designers ( yes, I used all three words together, maybe I will start a trend?) most often work in the commercial arena, satisfying the goals of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. We have a tiered profession, just like nurses and gardeners/landscape architects.
    Which means there will also be many educational opportunities, with different names, and that is okay by me. It gives the student the choice of what they want to do in life and the consumer a choice as to whom they want to hire.
    No matter what, a video on UTube might help, let’s just make it fun and catchy, but not pink! How about it grad students, now is the time to take your profession to new heights ( or is it lows?). I challenge a grad student to make this video, to help the profession set the public right on what we do for a living.


  2. Thanks Chris actually ASID, IIDA, CIDA & NCIDQ have created videos proclaiming the virtues of protecting the HS&W of the public. There have been several student videos posted of the same. Unfortunately the subject matter, albeit well intended, is rather arcane at best and wholly uninteresting at worst. Quite simply anybody who is concerned with that aspect of the profession gets it and of the general public with any sense of logic, well, they expect it. Now if you want to hire James Cameron to direct a 3-D action movie with the special effects you mentioned that might work- I would invest in that effort.
    But seriously I maintain that we are so focused on this aspect of our professional identity that we have foresaken all of the other positive and unique attributes that we offer society. We can prove that our skills and knowledge can speed recovery, improve sales, increase learning, provide universal access, facilitate aging, improve health and so on.
    How’s that for a Hollywood pitch?


  3. Sounds good to me. I suspected there were already scores of videos floating around which do not pique anyone’s interest but our own- talk about preaching to the choir. I do think someone should do a rebuttal to the “designers as desperate housewives” issue, but at least in the last episode, the show concentrated on a home design, not a hotel. Perhaps a write in campaign….


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