PR Problem? You Don’t Say!


Tell me the design firm’s name. What is the name of the interior designer who provided expert advice for the article? Which interior design professional organization was cited as a source of information? 

Give?  The answer is nada, zip, zero, zilch, no ID no where no how.  This is not the Poughkeepsie Journal folks it’s the New York times and the article is not about some interior decorator’s inflated opinion of the latest boudoir trend du jour. It is about high level commercial interior space. Now PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER realizes that when it comes to the numbers aspect of corporate real estate the commercial real estate and program manager power brokers rule that realm. But come on- they do not create the space in which the bean counters continue to comfortably shoehorn more and more disenfranchised clock punchers- we do.  At a minimum the design firm responsible for Intel’s transformation should have been acknowledged.

We need to ask ourselves “selves….why do we not get any respect?”

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