Who Said Life is Fair?

Following is a plea from the IDPC to Mississippi designers and decorators regarding pending interior design title act legislation in Mississippi (it could apply to all IDPC contested legislation). To wit;

“If allowed to pass, this bill will give NCIDQ-certified designers a state-sanctified, unearned advantage over you, reduce you to a second-class citizen, and place you at an unfair marketing disadvantage”


Well well well that is the most honest admission from the anti-regulation effort to date. So the fact that some interior designers choose to raise their professional standards does in fact scare you. It’s unfair….Awwwwww Waaaaah!  Note the key use of the term “unearned”-very sly I must say but complete fabricated bull!

Since the ID legislative effort has evolved to avoid any legislative limitations on “interior design” and “interior designers” and now carefully limits its legalese to address the title or term “certified” or “registered” interior designers only, it appears that the interior designers by birthright are free to call themselves “interior designers” and whatever they do as “interior design”. Hallefrigginlujah!

But lo and behold it appears that just because a few interior designers desire to raise the bar of their professional standards by pursuing government recognition those designers, and decorators posing as interior designers, who freely choose not to pursue advanced education, training and validation via examination feel threatened by those who understand that one must work toward and earn advanced professional status. It’s never enough is it? Funny that the IDPC has a longstanding quasi-libertarian mission that states;  

“We support the right of the consumer to determine the level of experience and education they desire in an interior designer and reject the concept that the government should take these decisions out of their hands”

Well the government is no longer taking the decision out of the consumer’s hands. The public is free to determine the level of experience and education they desire in an interior designer. The government only regulates “certified” or “registered” interior designers. Thanks to the efforts of the IDPC the free market is alive and well. Interior decorators are free to call themselves “interior designers” and the public is free to consider their credentials and innate talent or lack thereof. It’s a veritable free market utopia. Interior designers rejoice!

But why the angst anti-regulation folks? It isn’t fair? Quit your sniveling and man up. You wished for a level playing field for interior designers and you got it.

P.S. Thanks to our former students for responding to the angry decorator comments: https://professionalinteriordesigner.com/2011/01/24/like-fingernails-screeching-across-a-chalkboard/#comment-359  The louder the designers by birthright whine the more we value our effort to earn professional respect.  Funny how that works.

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