How ’bout a Day of Service?

ASID Designer Showhouse in Minneapolis canceled due to the economy;

While PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER respects the cause and the effort, the platform seems so…I don’t know….80’s.  ASID’ers are certainly free to focus their public relations efforts on the wealthy. But maybe it’s time to reassess your organization’s values (the comments are telling).

In a state with a robust pro-legislation effort it seems that providing a service for the wealthy few may not be the best public relations effort to convince the GENERAL public and Minnesota policymakers that interior designers deserve legal recognition and protection. I’m just sayin’

2 responses to “How ’bout a Day of Service?”

  1. Your assessment is right on, the need to rethink this type of charity event is upon us, it has run it’s natural course. The container idea would pull in a whole different audience and could showcase earth friendly products in a proper setting. I wonder if Dwell would help sponsor? I do feel for the charities that were helped by the monies raised, perhaps smaller type events would bring in those needed dollars. Our profession is known for our creativity, it is now time to use that attribute to the betterment of society.


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