It’s Getting Hot in the Pacific Northwest!

Of the 7 or so ID regulation efforts underway the one that irks the angry decorators the most is in Washington State.  Here is the actual bill;

The following exemption needs to be cited in all of our conversations with angry decorators who insist that ID regulation will cause them harm;

“(d) Any person who provides decorative services, or assistance in
selection of decorative accessories, surface materials, window
treatments, wall coverings, paint, floor coverings, lighting fixtures
which are not part of a structure, plumbing fixtures which are not part of a structure, cabinetry, surface-mounted fixtures, and loose
furnishings and equipment not subject to regulation under applicable
provisions of jurisdictional codes, regulations, or the jurisdictional
fire codes, providing the person does not refer to himself or herself
as a registered interior designer;”

Interior Decorators and Residential Interior Designers are EXEMPT from regulation and are FREE to practice as they please. Is this a great country or what? Surprisingly the Washington State AIA either is unaware or takes no offense to the ID bill.  Hmmmm!

Now on the other hand Oregon is pushing for an ID title act.

Unfortunately in PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER’S opinion it is not as clear as the Washington bill as to who it is protecting and who it is not. The Washington bill included better definitions and draws a clearer line between decoration, residential interior design and the work of a “registered” interior designer. I wish we could settle on one approach.

Anyway there appears to be a blitz of ID legislation underway. The NKBA and the IDPC are doing their best to rally the opposition. And of course the appeal of the Florida practice act is still waiting for a final ruling. Should be a fun filled Spring!

P.S. Evidently the Arizona ID legislative effort was tabled (?)

 Of course the IDPC claims victory for that but unfortunately we will never know why Arizona House Bill 2309 was stopped. Seems like the interior designers and angry decorators were clearly excluded. Wonder why the angst? Jealousy maybe….Hhhhhmmmmmmm?

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