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I wonder how that Institute for Justice Kool-Aid tastes? Maybe Mr. Friedersdorf can enlighten me;

Even if there are no obvious and publically available legal precedents proving that the practice of interior design by unlicensed individuals is a threat to society logic tells me that if you claim that the health, safety and welfare of your client is not your primary concern, even above aesthetics, then you are in fact a threat to the common good.  Why would you take that position and be proud of it? Why on earth would you not do everything in your power to prove that you are in fact qualified to assume, and successfully carry out that moral obligation? This ultimately defines the difference between interior decoration and professional interior design services.  A dichotomy the Institute for Justice, The Interior Design Protection Council, The National Kitchen and Bath Association and numerous other organizations perceive as a threat to their professional domain- yet are totally unwilling to recognize that particular kernel of truth.

If you choose not to honor your moral and ethical responsibility to our society by ignoring your clients right to a safe and healthy interior environment that will psychologically and physiologically improve their quality of life then that is your CHOICE.  So take your sour grapes and get out of our way. We have a profession to advance.

I just don’t get why we (the ones who bust our asses to earn such qualifications) just sit by and allow this skewed logic to paint our efforts as meaningless.   We continue to get sand kicked in our faces by the 80 pound weaklings yet we remain flummoxed by the veracity of their campaign of misinformation. AAAaaarrrrgggghhhh!

P.S. Facts and figures don’t seem to dissuade the anti-regulation effort maybe shame and logic will. I’m just sayin’

5 responses to “The Daily Half Baked Dish”

  1. It's all about clients and jobs! Avatar
    It’s all about clients and jobs!


    Interior Design, Decoration or whatever is an ART!!!!

    And starting an Interior Design firm takes more than a degree in Interior Design and in fact a degree in Interior Design probably guarantees you will fail.

    If HSW is an issue then Great Decorators can hire licensed Architects and NCIDQ Designers by the dozen. Most are unemployed.


  2. HS&W should not be our sole primary reason for licensure. We need to be granted government regulation because we are uniquely qualified to create living and working envionments that enhance the physiological and phychological well being of the users that consequently improves their lives. Aesthetics is but a minor component of that equation (shocking but true). HS& W, since it is a moral obligation of all design professionals, is a given, Unless of course you don’t give a rat’s patoot and your primary concern is that the space looks good. Ahh yes life would be so much easier if we did not have to concern ourselves with those pesky codes and technical issues..ohhh and that damn green design stuff what a hassle hey?
    SURE CLIENTS CAN HIRE A DECORATOR WHO CAN HIRE AN ARCHITECT TO DO AN INTERIOR REMODEL REQUIRING A PERMIT. But why would they when they can get it all in one professional?


  3. Hey it’s all about clients and jobs you may need to straighten Uncle Sam out on your definition of “interior design”! Seems there is more to it than you claim;


    1. This is not a statue or law. Avatar
      This is not a statue or law.

      Just an opinion of some researcher, intern or other government employee who probably just Googled ASID, NCIDQ, IIDA or CIDA.


  4. Yeah stupid Department of Labor they obviously forgot to contact you for the real definition.

    The only art you really know is the art of self-delusion.


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