Colorado ID Legislative Effort Postponed

In other words it was tabled indefinitely.

Here is the bill.

Seems like they could have been clearer on exclusions particularly in regard to distinguishing non-residential interior design. The “Director” aspect also seems to be a bit much and the description of the directors responsibility if there is a claim seems onerous at best. No wonder it was shelved.

Here is a blurb from the Huffington Post of all things- check out the poll and the comments.

Here is an article from the Denver Post. 

I find the ignorance as to the intent of the bill amusing. 95% of the comments were simply knee jerk reactions based on stereotypes and misinformation. This is typical but we cannot seem to address it.

Rodney Dangerfield lives on in the persona of the ID profession.

One response to “Colorado ID Legislative Effort Postponed”

  1. Do we (the profession this legislation purports to represent) actually read this stuff?
    Yeah right.


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