UPDATE: Interior Design Still Threatened in Florida

Just when you thought it was safe to pay your Florida Registered Interior Designer license fee……….

A bill to dismantle regulation of interior designers, geologists, dance studios, mold inspectors, hair braiders and others cleared its first House committee stop Tuesday

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/15/2116900/house-committee-votes-to-cut-oversight.html#ixzz1GlcPH6ko



6 Days later ASID finally issues a press release. http://www.asid.org/news/pr/2011/March212011pressrelease.htm

Here’s a change.org petition for what it is worth;


One response to “UPDATE: Interior Design Still Threatened in Florida”

  1. At what point will we realize that the return on our investment in “licensing” is just not worth it? Even if the Florida house sees fit to exclude ID from the deregulation, which it won’t, I gotta ask- How much is this costing us? Anybody….please….can you answer that?


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