ID Deregulation in Florida One Step Closer to Reality


I am not sure what the next step is but it does not look good. 

P.S. I stand corrected. Evidently there is some concern by lawmakers……..

The panel also clashed over a measure deregulating several professions, including some where the industries involved asked for the panel to leave licensing and other measures in place.

Several students and licensed interior designers emotionally urged the committee not to deregulate their work, saying it could cut off their ability to work on commercial projects.

Johanna Mele, six months away from becoming a licensed interior designer, said she had $100,000 in student loans after getting her education.

“You guys are telling me that there’s a possibility that this is going to mean nothing,” she said, near tears.

But Ed Nagorsky, director of legislative affairs for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, said designers were really trying to maintain a “closed shop,” and that the measure would not endanger health or significantly alter what designers can do.

“If you deregulate interior design, what the licensed interior designers are permitted to do today, all licensed interior designers will be able to do tomorrow,” he said.

Allen Douglas, legislative affairs director for the National Federation of Independent Business in Florida, called the law “the most blatant example of regulation and legislation to limit competition that we had ever seen.”

The bill passed on the same 15-8, party-line vote, but even some Republicans called for a second look at keeping interior designers in the bill. House Minority Leader Ron Saunders, D-Key West, said a floor amendment would attempt to remove designers from the bill.”

Gotta love Ed Nagorsky.  Wonder if IIDA and ASID spoke up.

P.P.S. I stand corrected;

One response to “ID Deregulation in Florida One Step Closer to Reality”

  1. Thank you for your great blog! Please keep updating, this is vital! It looks like there is still a chance for amendments on Monday and Tuesday, but then they will vote in a special session on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6!
    Everyone in the industry appreciates you help to ge tthe word out!


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