Hey ASID if your own members don’t get “it” how do you expect the general public and the policy makers you so dearly want to impress to understand the importance of ID regulation?   I am not exactly a rocket surgeon but even I see that there is a disconnect out there.  You may want to do something about that.

……… “buildings do not burn, interiors do,”

That’s funny I could have sworn that people burning is the problem. I will assume that the cub reporter assigned to report on this topic was as ill informed as the general Florida populace;

“The legislation ends voluntary licensing in their field, which they also say will open it up to less professional and qualified individuals”

Voluntary? Are you kidding me.  And it will not open up “it” up- it will limit “it” to licensed professionals such as architects and engineers.  Just one of numerous examples of how misinformed practitioners are about this topic. And we wonder why we do not get any respect.

“Do you know the color schemes that affect your salivation, your autonomic nervous system?” she said. “You don’t even have correct seating. And somebody chose that for you.”

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I am sure the libertarians and the Institute for Justice began to salivate over that one.

And then there is friend (NOT!) to the profession Ed Nagorsky of the National Kitchen and Bath Association…evidently Ed smells blood;

Edward Nagorsky, director of legislative affairs for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, said those concerns are unfounded.

“They make it sound like it’s so difficult, it’s so complicated and it takes years of experience. It doesn’t,” he said, noting retailers sell products specifically designed for commercial spaces. “It’s a cartel because these licensed designers are fighting for regulations to keep other people from entering the field.”

And then there is the Interior Design Protection Council……..bellowing for more participation by the angry decorator crowd;

This is fascinating stuff ya’ll.  Of course it is easy for me to be a back seat driver during this debacle but unless we do not start asking where the bus is headed we may never arrive.

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