As we wait for the Florida Senate to consider HB/SB5005 and its intent to deregulate non-residential interior design in Florida PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER offers this food for thought.

Through the static of voices arguing their case my tuner has been able to pick up the following tidbits of information;

MISTRUTH: The claim by the Institute for Justice vis-a-vis the Interior Design Protection Council that registered interior designers will be able to practice commercial interior design without a license or state registration is not entirely true.

FULL STORY: True registered interior designers will be able to practice commercial interior design UNTIL they need to obtain a building permit to actually implement their work. If deregulated the registered interior designer, who has proven that they are capable of doing so, will not have the option of submitting for a building permit. In order to apply and submit for a building permit the registered interior designer will have to work under the supervision of a Registered Architect and that architect will be the only recognized professional who is able to apply for and submit for a building permit.

LOGIC: Allowing Registered Interior Designers to submit for building permits (where scope and content allow it) provides more choices for the consumer and consequently more competition for such services.

MISTRUTH: Regulation of non-residential interior design intrudes upon the ability of non-registered interior designers to perform the full extent of their abilities.

FULL STORY: In Florida there is no regulation of “interior design” nor the individuals who claim to be “interior designers” NONE! The current regulation clearly addresses “non-residential” interior design.

LOGIC: There is no law against Interior Design in Florida. The contention is moot.

We cannot win this battle of misinformation with a tit-for-tat battle of facts we must be strategic with our arguments and we must present them as logical truths that place Florida policy makers in a position where ignorance is the only defense for support of ID deregulation.

PS. Follow the Florida Senate here;http://thefloridachannel.org/

AS OF 4/27/2011   With only a week and a half left in session-
As part of the budget allocation deal it was decided that Senator Alan Hays and Representative Dorothy Hukill will decide what parts of HB 5005 regarding deregulation will be accepted in final budget.  Representative Hukill is squarely on board with deregulation, but Senator Hays (R),  is

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