ASID & IIDA Joint Press Conference in Tallahassee

As the clock ticks down to a showdown in the Florida Senate regarding the fate of Interior Design Licensing in Florida, ASID and IIDA finally made a joint plea to Florida lawmakers to reconsider deleting Interior Design from Florida HB/SB 5005. They held a joint press conference in Tallahassee today-

Skip the first 7:30 as dead air.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER commends all of the participants for trying to sway policymakers opinion. One has to wonder how many in the capital rotunda were actually listening given the background din.  Interesting input from Charles Van Zandt (12:01) regarding the position of architecture firms in Florida. This clearly contradicts an edict from AIA Headquarters previously noted on this blog. So who really speaks for architects in Florida and their position on this issue?

Finally Dan Davis ASID’s legislative director kicked it in with a good response to an audience question at 18:50 in. This should have been his opening remark.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is glad to see the two organizations playing nice in the sandbox. Hope it’s not too late to take on the IJ bullies.


P.P.S. Of course the IDPC could not let this go unanswered- Geesh I am glad I am the only moron watching all of this. 

2 responses to “ASID & IIDA Joint Press Conference in Tallahassee”

  1. They doth protest too much.


  2. Yo Hammie,
    You speak reel fancy but you kant spell. ASID & IIDA BOTH protest too much -not DOTH- DUH!


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