ASID’s New Membership Structure

August 1, 2011

Dear ASID Members,

It can be said that interior design is indeed a diverse profession. The style, shape and form of the built environment can be as different and unique as those who pass through the doors, and the variety of disciplines, practice type, size and educational background has always characterized the profession and practice. Diversity is in our design DNA.

The ASID Board of Directors believes that embracing an ever-expanding diversity in the quickly changing interior design landscape has never been more important.  As an example, when we talk to ASID emerging professionals, it becomes clear that many see their role in the design world differently. They consciously seek to converse and collaborate with designers from different backgrounds, with skills and areas of expertise beyond their own. We believe that ASID needs to move in this inclusive direction to remain a reflection of the broader interior design community.

To that end, I would like to share with you three decisions the national board has passed to embrace the reality of the interior design community:

1) Chapter presidency open to allied members
We anticipate that beginning with the 2012 round of chapter elections, chapter president and president-elect status will be open to allied members who have completed the educational requirements to be able to sit for the NCIDQ exam or equivalent.

2) Associate Membership category
Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, ASID will accept designers who have a minimum of a college-level associate degree in any subject and six years of documented full time interior design work experience into our membership.

3) Board of Directors opportunities for allied members
We anticipate that beginning with the 2013 fiscal year, the ASID Board of Directors will be reduced from 11 to 9 members and the Board composition will be integrated with individuals who represent the broader spectrum of ASID practitioner membership.

There is a place in ASID for all in the built environment who are daily inspired by the role interior design plays in improving the human experience. The strength of ASID is in our diversity, and I believe these individual changes will together only enhance this strength.


Michael A. Thomas, FASID, CAPS
President of ASID

The above message was posted on my previous thread as a comment on August 1st. Why here I don’t know.

3 responses to “ASID’s New Membership Structure”

  1. Allied Membership used to be what the new Associate Membership is going to be in 2012. I guess ASID has decided to embrace their “inner decorator”. Their legislative push is obviously costing them lost revenue in membership $$, so it’s time to put on a smiley face and sing “Kumbaya”.


  2. Incredible whats going on in the design field!


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