Nurse Ratched Rachets Up the Battle Over Titles

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER finds many similarities between titles and hierarchy in the medical profession and the building design profession.  In case you missed it here as a very pertinent N.Y.T. article on this very subject.

So if you did not find yourself substituting “Architect” for “Doctor” and “Interior Designer” for “Nurse” then maybe I need to seek medical help….from a Nurse Doctor…

NO! A Dr. Nurse…….

NO! Howbout an Interior Architect Building Nurse Decorator Doctor Ph.D…AAAAAAAArrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyway there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the Nurses march to become peers with MD.’s, or at least to earn the moniker “Doctor”.

“As demand for health care services has grown, physicians have stopped serving as the sole gatekeepers for their patients’ entry into the system. So physicians must increasingly share their patients — not only with one another but also with other professions. Teamwork is the new mantra of medicine, and nurse practitioners and physician assistants (sometimes known as midlevels or physician extenders) have become increasingly important care providers, particularly in rural areas.”

Sounds a lot like architects and certified interior designers roles in the building design effort doesn’t it?  Now if only we could find some leadership that might see that it is in both of our profession’s best interests to acknowledge that it is no longer 1975 and that we can adapt to the evolution of both of our professions or we can become irrelevant. Adapt or die as they say.

5 responses to “Nurse Ratched Rachets Up the Battle Over Titles”

  1. Chris Birkentall Avatar
    Chris Birkentall

    I have found that the continual emphasis on additional education for professions, while ensuring only the best and brightest are allowed to practice does seem limiting and prevents access to the ones who may need it the most. I was surprised to learn that the supportive medical professions find that a Masters is not enough, that a doctorate would be required. I realize life as a whole ( be it medical or building arts related) is getting much more complicated, but it will relegate those with mear mortal budgets to second class citizenship in the profession. I had thought that creating the specialty areas would have helped but now it seems everyone wants to be top dog. Of course in the medical world, access to decent healthcare is near impossible without the financial means these days.
    As for the analogy to the ID profession, architects with their additional education have had that control, but with many ID’s also obtaining added education culminating in either the MA/MFA/MID, now also have the ability to control their situation( dependent upon their individual states legislation). EXCEPT- currently, the architect is trained for the outside, the ID is trained for the inside. Are docs/nurses/PT / Pharma trained that way or is it training of the WHOLE body? Does the nurse only concentrate on the skin, the doc on the bones? No, they understand the body is one WHOLE system. Is the educational system in place to provide the ID/Arch training for the WHOLE building? I know of only a handful of schools who treat this profession as a whole entitity, not a sum of parts. Perhaps when we do understand the entire building fully, inside and out, we can move into more specialty areas of expertise.
    As an aside, I find the entire issue of calling a person with a doctorate a Dr.( as in medical) very confusing. Perhaps the educational system can come up with a better name? That will be the day!


  2. Thanks for the well thought comments- Yes we should all be very concerned with the evolution toward higher and higher educational standards as a means to create higher and higher levels of professional hierarchy. You would think that higher ed. has a very strong lobby pushing for this paradigm shift….unfortunately we are not that smart.


  3. Mike the demand for interior design services does not compare to the demand for health care services.


    1. Ha ha what a ridiculous comment. If not for interior design where would they have a place to practice medicine…


  4. Oh Wow! Thanks for setting me straight. You see I am just ignorrogant (my portmanteau for arrogant and ignorant) enough to equate brain surgery with pillow tossing. Absolutely no difference there Anonymous…if we did not have pillows to rest the brains that brain surgeons make better it really would not matter now would it? Thats a rhetorical question there anonymous just in case your sense of humor has been surgically removed.

    How the hell did you get from my tongue planted firmly in cheek metaphoric comparison of professional status within nursing as it relates to medical doctors and that of interior designers as they relate to architects to the “demand” for such services?
    Now if you want to compare the “delivery” of such services and the stretch of reality required to compare health care with interior design you might have a starter there.

    Your drive by comment was way off the mark.


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