You Don’t Know Jack

Is Jack an interior designer?

Of course he is.  It has been awhile since PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER posted a press item regarding interior design’s conflicted identity.  While this one is merely a local St. Louis blogger, doing what bloggers do (whatever that is), and not the New York Times, it is oh so typical of articles that come across my monitor on a daily basis.

When I read these things it makes me wonder.  Will wielding a license really overcome this misperception?  I doubt it….not in my lifetime hell at this rate I won’t even rate an obituary.

3 responses to “You Don’t Know Jack”

  1. Chris Birkentall Avatar
    Chris Birkentall

    Jack calls himself a decorator throughout this article and refers to the business as interior design. So, that is what he is, but the headline writer wanted more weight to the article so added that he contributed to the profession of Interior Design. Licensing won’t overcome this misperception; it will only change when the terms change or a new word is invented for the outgrowth of the decoration business, now considered interior design.
    The fact that he is proud of the work he has done in a lifetime should remind us all to be the same- proud of the work, not of the terminology of the day.


  2. Oh Oh! Did you say change the term, or word “interior design”?

    Here we go.

    Interior Archineer? Interior Spatialist? Qualified Interior Designer? Intertect? Professional Pillow Tosser?……..Okay not that one….
    Invironmentalist? Or my favorite Interior Architect?


  3. Or as the pro-license contingent would have it “Licensed Interior Designer”

    Or as the anti-regulation contingent would prefer Interior Designer Wannabe

    Oh the mind boggles…………………….


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